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Our Staff

School Administrators

Name Position
Mrs. T. Major Principal
Mr. K. Vines Vice-Principal


Name Position
Ms. S. Jayarajah Area Counsellor
Mrs. Z. Kumar Counselling Support Worker
Ms. J. Morgan Psychologist

Office Staff

Name Position
Mrs. B. Buchsbaum Administrative Assistant
Mrs. T. Chan Administrative Assistant

Support Staff

Name Position
Mr. J. Abad Custodian
Mr. R. Dolino Custodian
Ms. S. Muhar Custodian
Ms. M. Butterworth Educational Assistant
Ms. K. Gaglowski Educational Assistant
Ms. C. Partridge Educational Assistant
Ms. B. Sameshima Educational Assistant
Ms. D. Savric Educational Assistant
Ms. M. Vilanova Educational Assistant
Ms. R. Watson Educational Assistant
Mr. M. Choinski Instrumental Music
Mrs. M. Lee Noon Hour Supervisor
Mrs. M. Ritchie Noon Hour Supervisor
Mrs. S. Rogers Noon Hour Supervisor
Mrs. B. Strik Noon Hour Supervisor
Mrs. S. Regan Relief
Mrs. M. Zeni Relief
Mrs. A. Bajgoric Resource Team
Ms. L. Brown Resource Team
Mr. J. Gallevo Resource Team
Mr. T. Maa Resource Team
Ms. C. Nipp Resource Team
Mr. R. Yoo Resource Team
Ms. K. MacLeod School Nurse
Ms. B. Neily Speech and Language
Ms. C. Wilson Teacher-Librarian


Name Grade Division Online
M. J. Autio Grade 5, Grade 6, EFI Div. 16
Mme M. Back Kindergarten, EFI Div. 24
Miss S. Bird Grade 1 Div. 11
Mme S. Blomquist Grade 2, Grade 3, EFI Div. 20
Ms. K. Blue Grade 1, Grade 2 Div. 10
Mme M. Boutin Kindergarten, EFI Div. 24
Ms. A. Bugden Grade 3, EFI Div. 19
Ms. O. Chan Kindergarten Div. 13
Mr. C. Dempsey Grade 6, Grade 7 Div. 2
Ms. R. Domai Grade 3, Grade 4 Div. 18
Mme C. Joinville Grade 1, EFI Div. 22
Ms. T. Kohn Kindergarten, Grade 1, EFI Div. 23
Ms. S. Lehal Grade 2, Grade 3 Div. 8
Ms. L. O'Leary Grade 5 Div. 5
Ms. S. Parkes Grade 3, Grade 4 Div. 7
M. C. Redding Grade 6, Grade 7, EFI Div. 15
Ms. A. Rennie Kindergarten Div. 12
Mme N. Smith Grade 6, Grade 7, EFI Div. 14
Mme A. Swordy Grade 4, Grade 5, EFI Div. 17
Ms. D. Szelagowicz Grade 3, Grade 4 Div. 6
Mrs. R. Tabata Grade 2, Grade 3 Div. 9
Mme L. Tyacke Grade 2, EFI Div. 21
Mr. C. Wolber Grade 6, Grade 7 Div. 3
Mr. M. Wood Grade 6, Grade 7 Div. 1
Ms. S. Wright Grade 5 Div. 4