June PAC Meeting & AGM

June PAC Meeting & AGM 
Wednesday June 19
6:30 - 8:00pm
Homma Library

The meeting taking place on June 19th is our Annual General Meeting (AGM). We will be holding elections for the following PAC executive positions: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, RDPA Representative and Treasurer. 

You must be attend the entire PAC meeting to run and vote for a position. Also, it is one vote per family. 

PAC Executive:


- Shall convene and preside at all Executive, General, Special and Annual General Meetings;
- Shall take such action, or ensure that such action is taken by others, to achieve the Purpose and Objectives of THE PAC;
- Shall establish committees where authorized to do so by the Executive or membership;
- Shall, in consultation with the School administration, ensure that the agenda is prepared and presented;
- Shall be a signing officer;

Vice Chairperson

- Shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson in the Chairperson's absence;
- Shall carry out the duties as may be assigned by the Chairperson or Executive;
- Shall be a signing officer;
- Shall contribute to the completion and submission of an annual report.


- Shall keep full and accurate minutes of all Executive, General, Special and Annual General Meetings, and present them for approval at the next appropriate meeting of THE PAC;
- Shall issue and receive all correspondence on behalf of THE PAC;
- Shall make all business arrangements attendant to the holding of any meeting of THE PAC;
- May be a signing officer;
- Shall safely keep all records of THE PAC;
- Shall contribute to the completion and submission of an annual report.


- Shall receive, collect and deposit in THE PAC account all funds of THE PAC;
- Shall be one of the signing officers of THE PAC account;
- Shall present the net financial position at each general meeting;
- Shall prepare a written year-end financial report for presentation at the Annual General Meeting;
- Shall, with the assistance of the Executive, draft a tentative budget as per Section XIV.

​District Parent Advisory Council Representative

- Shall attend DPAC meetings or designate an alternate to attend
- Shall report to THE PAC regarding issues discussed;
- Shall seek input from THE PAC for presentation at DPAC meetings;
- Shall vote THE PAC’s wishes at DPAC meetings;
- Shall maintain THE PAC’s information binders with DPAC meeting materials and minutes provided by DPAC, BCCPAC, Ministry of Education and make them readily available to the general membership.

Anyone that wishes to run for any of these positions, please forward your interest by e-mail to hommapac2015@gmail.com.