Framework for Enhancing Student Learning 2017

Our Inquiry: How can each and every student connect and engage with others while creating and maintaining a positive personal and cultural identity?

Core Competencies: Our Focus 

Communication: Connect and Engage with Others, and Positive Personal & Cultural Identity

We asked our students five key questions:

What are you learning?
How are you doing?
How do you know?
What are your next learning goals?
Can you name two adults at school who believe you will be a success?

Our students were able to name many things they were learning and to explain why this learning was important. Students knew how they were doing because of the feedback their teachers gave them or from their marks. The majority of our students could name two adults that believed they would be a success in life. They were not, however, able to state their learning goals. They seemed confused by the question.

We wondered why our very capable, very well supported learners seemed to feel easily defeated when faced with a difficult task. We wondered how we could develop that sense of “grit” that would help them to face challenges with excitement rather than worry. How could we help them engage more openly with one another and, instead of competing, support one another? How could we move from the “right answer” to “possibilities”? How can we help them “own” their learning and reflect in order to grow and develop learning goals?

Our students have had many opportunities to develop leadership and to work together. They have reached out to seniors in our community, to the food bank, and have organized a large scale clothing drive and built an outdoor classroom and garden. We wondered how we could foster a broader understanding and appreciation for their own heritage, the community that they are a part of, and to make decisions that are reflective of the values they and their families hold dear. We wonder if developing a positive personal and cultural identity will increase resilience and co-operation in our student population and promote a sense of responsibility and connection to our community, and ultimately enhance the capacity for student learning.