SOGI Inquiry Focus Questions

We began scanning our students in the fall of 2019 and as a staff recognized the need to take a deeper look at our school vision statement as not all students were feeling the sense of belonging we would hope for.  As a staff we worked with Ellen Hsu monthly for 6 months and crafted the new vision statement of "Creating a heartfelt Homma where every belongs".  We are now beginning the work of the goals and action plan.  Part of this action plan is to ensure we are reaching all members of our school community regardless of age, gender, race, religion, and sexuality.

Through our SOGI Innovation Grant, we are exploring the following questions as a staff and anonymously recording our answers on a Padlet.  The questions being explored are:

Does SOGI live in your classroom?  

How can we support each other in our quest for equity, acceptance, and understanding?  

How can we better understand our own biases?   

As a SOGI Committee we will analyze this data to present to our staff and create an action plan.

Updated: Friday, November 26, 2021