The Week Ahead - June 21 to 25

Good Afternoon Everyone,

We are entering into our final full week of the school year!  With this comes much excitement of the possibilities of summer!  

We would like to thank everyone for your patience and support as we have our cohort Sports Days through out next week and although the temptation is high for many parents to come to the school to join the fun, we ask that you respect the Health and Safety protocols that have been put in place at the school and refrain from coming to take photos.  We have Grade 7 student leaders who are taking photos of the Sports Days to include in the year end assembly that will be sent out to you for viewing!

Attached with The Week Ahead are two attachments, one from the Richmond Public Library, and one from Richmond International Education about Homestay opportunities.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and will see you on Monday!

Mrs. Major and Mr. Vines

Updated: Thursday, October 14, 2021