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Focusing on CONNECTEDNESS and reciprocal relationships

This year we continued to find ways to create a connected and engaged community where everyone feels they belong which is consistent with our school slogan "a Heart-felt Homma". As health and safety protocols shifted, it was important that we continued to look for ways to build connections within our school. Connections between, families, staff and students contributed to a positive end to the year as we were able to do a number of year end events such as the Grade 7 Farewell, Sports Day and the Pinewood Derby.

During the September Professional Development Day, staff participated in an activity that demonstrated appreciation for another staff member. Staff felt empowered and connected. The activity became a focal point throughout the year.

A group of staff also participated in a 'Learning Environment and Spaces' innovation grant this year. This team focused on making the core competencies and First Peoples Principles of Learning integrate in a meaningful way into teaching and learning outdoors. We had one large portable poster of the FPPL and one large poster of the Core Competencies created to be visible and hung on the shed in our outdoor learning space. We additionally had orange (communication), blue (thinking) and green (personal social) triangles created to promote student awareness and engagement when actively learning outdoors. This way, students are able to, in the moment, identity which core competency they are using to support their learning. These tools along with the creation of our new gazebo continue to enhance student learning opportunities that continue to foster the connectivity that is always present outdoors, in nature.

The following examples demonstrate connectedness in our school community.


Updated: Monday, July 4, 2022