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As part of the Richmond School District, strategic plan priority 2. This is foundational to learning and important to student and staff well being, success and fulfillment. This year students, guided by their teachers, examined a number of topics and themes to build a stronger understanding of equitable practices and inclusion in our school community. Some examples of learning include, looking through the lens of reciprocity to build meaning of personal experiences. Students designed mind maps that demonstrated their exploration and understanding of how complex reciprocity is. Some classes learned about influential Black Canadians and their contributions to Canada. We also continued working Atheana Picha, to design a community mural while considering the Japanese heritage and indigenous connections through art. Student leaders also organized a number of spirit days, with rainbow day, being a day that they advocated for. These are a few of the many examples of actions taken at Homma this year to support the important work of equity and inclusion.

Some staff chose to participate in an innovation grant with a guided focus on equity and inclusion. This group were looking for ways to celebrate students for who they are and finding ways for them to recognize the gifts they have and offer their classroom community. A particular highlight from this inquiry occurred when having students reflect on their names and how names make up part of identity.  Using 'The Little Girl' by Hieu Pham Fraser invited and encouraged students to share in a talking circle about the meaning of their name. Witnessing the pride on student faces as they shared about the roots of their names deeply enriched the willingness of each individual to be more wholly who they are while simultaneously fostering the and strengthening the bond between one another.

Updated: Monday, July 4, 2022