Teacher Collaboration Time - Orange Shirt Day

Mr. Cherry and Mme Lee provided Teacher Collaboration Time on Orange Shirt Day. As a part of moving towards Truth and Reconciliation, we discussed the importance of Orange Shirt Day with all students, which led to different activities for the primary and intermediate classes. Primary classes completed hearts and told us what "children should feel..." and intermediate students shared on little orange shirts about something new that they learned during our presentations. These were displayed on multiple bulletin boards in our front foyer, where parents, staff and students alike stopped to read. We learned just how kind and thoughtful our Homma students are through their caring responses.

Meanwhile, teachers used this time to discuss, in grade groups, the results of our school-wide DART (District Reading Assessment) and how they would use this information to move forward and help them plan for reading instruction to support all learners in their rooms. More information on the DART is in the evidence post. 

Some ideas of our next steps in literacy include, but are not limited to: continued work on daily phonics, guided reading, collaboration with our District Literacy consultant and the Teacher Librarian, more focus on letter recognition and sounds, literacy centres, vocabulary-building activities, Reading Power strategies, daily read-alouds, parent volunteers for one-on-one reading, readers theatre, singing songs to improve pronunciation, teaching self-correction strategies, growth mindset activities, etc.


Updated: Friday, October 27, 2023