Summer Learning 2024

Come join our fun and engaging summer learning programs where you can explore new interests, learn new skills, review or preview academic courses or complete a full credit course.

Details about our Summer Learning 2024 programs will be available in early April 2024. In the meantime we are planning on offering the following programs:

1. Elementary Enrichment 

2. Secondary Enrichment 

3. Full Credit 

4. Innovation, Exploration and Fine Arts Enrichment

5. Academic Completion 

6. Summer Camps 


General Information

* Students who enroll in Elementary Enrichment, Exploration, Fine Arts or Innovation may take only ONE course.

* Students who enroll in Academic Full Credit, Academic Completion or Secondary Enrichment may take in ONE or MORE courses

* All international students with valid BC Study Permits will be charged tuition fees and may take one or more courses.

* Students may enroll in ONE or MORE fee paying summer camps

* Students who have completed Kindergarten may register for Grade 1 summer courses

* Students who have completed Grade 7 may register for Grade 8 summer courses (with the exception of Skill Building 8 and 9 which are for students who have already taken the course during the 2023/2024 school year)


For general information about our Summer Learning Programs please go to the Summer Learning Catalogue button located on the left side of our website.

Note: detailed information about our Summer Course offerings will be visible to the public in April prior to our registration date.


Updated: Monday, April 8, 2024