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Our Focus

Homma's School Focus
Over the past four years, Homma has done work both inside and outside of the classroom to create a community where students, staff and families feel like they belong. This important work has brought the community together and has provided an opportunity for students to feel safe and connected. This year, with the return to many of the community events done pre-covid, the community began to heal from the experience of the past two years. A Heartfelt Homma...Where Everyone Belongs continues to be our guide in the decsions that we make to help all feel welcomed in the school community.

Over the past year and a half, we have been collecting student voice about their experiences here at Homma. We wanted to get a better sense from our students about how they were experiencing belonging at Homma. Most students indicated that they felt like they belonged at Homma and were able to share how they could help other to feel like they belonged. We also asked students about their learning. We learned that Homma students have a good understanding of their learning needs, but some were feeling anxious and worried about their school work and the learning environment. These finding are consistent with what staff have been experiencing through observation. We have noticed an increased level of anxiety amongst our students post-covid and feel for some students this is having an impact on learning.

Based on what we have learned, we will continue to build belonging in our community with an emphasis on kindness and care but also shift towards looking at how we can help develop student social-emotional well being. Our goal is to help our students to become more resilient in their learning especially in literacy and numeracy.